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What is your fundraising target?

We have started work on the main part of the park but we are still fundraising. We need another $10,000 for the waterplay area and we would like to expand the scope of work to include extra trees, gardens, seats, fences and play equipment that we have had to cut out of the initial contract.

How will the funds be managed?

Funds raised will be managed by the Waihinga Charitable Trust and disbursed to South Wairarapa District Council as needed.

How long do you think this project will take?

We aim to complete the main contract bu November - there may be further work after this depending on fundraising.

What benefits will the new playground bring for Martinborough?

Our children will benefit physically, emotionally and cognitively from this professionally designed play space. The playground will also become a reason to visit for families outside Martinborough.

What will happen to the old playground equipment?

The existing play equipment will be reused within the new play areas or elsewhere within the district where possible. Some of the older pieces are at the end of their natural life and will be decommissioned.